Introduction: The purpose of this instruction sheet is to reduce the chance of infection in your total joint that might result from a remote infection, dental or other surgical procedure. These instructions are written for your dentist and treating physician to follow.



Lifetime Precautions

Teeth cleaning, scaling, dental extractions, root canal, fillings, capping, and bridgework. Please wait 3 months from the date of surgery for elective dental procedures.

Cleocin 150 mg. Take 4 capsules one hour prior to the procedure.

Alternative: Amoxicillin 500 mg. or Erythromycin 800 mg.

Precautions For 6 Months Following Surgery  
Skin boils and infected skin lesions  Cleocin 150 mg. Take 1 capsule every 6 hours until the lesion is healed.
Foot procedures (especially ingrown nails)but not nail cutting. 

Cleocin 150 mg. Take 4 capsules one hour prior to the procedure.

Alternative: Dicloxacillin 1 gm. Keflex 2 gm, Erythromycin 800 mg.

Genitourinary tract or gastrointestinal tract procedures (cone biopsy, cystoscopy Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy)  Gentamycin 80 mg plus Ampiciliin 2 gm IV one hour prior to the procedure.
Surgery Inform the surgeon that you have a total joint.
Cardiac Catheterization Inform your Cardiologist that you have a total joint replacement. We recommend that you are premedicated with Cleocin 600 mg one hour prior to the procedure.
Breast biopsy, Pap smear No antibiotic needed unless there is an infection present
Eye Surgery No antibiotic needed