Joint Supplements

Several joint supplements have been recommended for your joint health. These dietary supplements have been shown, in studies, to strengthen and fortify the smooth cartilage on the end of your bones and support the health of your joint fluid. The wearing away of the cartilage is known as osteoarthritis. The supplements often help to relieve pain and slow the wearing process by helping to better lubricate the joint and reduce friction. The following are the current recommendations for the use of the supplements according to recent studies.

GLUCOSAMINE 3000 mg PER DAY. (typically, each capsule contains 500mg Glucosamine) THIS SHOULD BE DONE FOR THE FIRST 4 WEEKS.

CHONDROITIN 2400 mg daily. (typically, 400 mg capsules) FIRST 4 WEEKS.

After the first 4 weeks, reduce the Glucosamine to 2000mg and Chondroitin to 1600mg daily, for maintenance.
            *Glucosamine and chondroitin can be found together in the same capsule. You may purchase it that way, or individually.

FISH OIL 3000 mg daily, with no reduction after 4 weeks.

MSM 1000 mg daily, also with no reduction after 4 weeks

As with any new drug or supplement, we suggest that you contact your pharmacist as well as your family physician to be sure there are no concerns of interaction with any of your current medications and treatments.

Though there are many brands of Glucosamine supplements on the market, a recent consumer report study suggests that, in comparison with others, the Kirkland brand from Costco likely contains the highest concentration and is most cost effective. Again, there are many brands on the market and you should choose according to your needs and means.